Q:   What is a reverse phone look-up directory?

A:   A reverse phone look-up directory is a service that provides a quick and efficient way to locate phone owner information for any phone number, including cellular phone numbers. With the traditional phone book, you look-up a person's phone number and/or address by searching their first and last name; with a reverse look-up directory, you can look-up the name, address, phone type, carrier, and more, by searching the phone number directly. Since a high majority of calls placed today are via cellular phones, reverse phone technology is extremely useful for identifying who's calling from these numbers.

Q:   Why is there a charge to access the phone owner's name, and other personal data on a reverse look-up?

A:   Reverse phone look-up services are private, third-party data providers that specialize in phone records for cellular and VoIP numbers, which aren't listed as public record. Meaning our database has to be compiled, maintained, and rigorously updated daily. With such a large financial investment to keep our records complete and accurate as possible, we must charge a nominal fee to ensure REVERSEPHONEWHITEPAGES.COM can continue to maintain and deliver "The Industry Standard" for reverse look-up phone owner records.

Q:   What if I want to keep my number excluded from your database?

A:   If you would prefer to keep the personal information associated with your phone number/s, we will happily honor your privacy and remove that information upon request. To make a data removal request, simply fill out the form at our support page. Note: If you request to have your data removed from our database, it will be, but there are many reverse lookup providers, so you would have to approach them all individually to make certain your personal data is 100% removed from searches.

Q:   If the data isn't public record, how are you able to get it?

A:   Our info is collected from a variety of data sources, the web being our largest source.

Q:   Can I get a refund if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase?

A:   Absolute satisfaction is guaranteed, backed by a quick and painless, no questions asked 100% Full Money-back Guarantee, with 7-day/ week email and toll-free support.

Q:   What separates you from other reverse look-up providers?

A:   This is where Call TRUTH (powered by people smart) SHINES. By utilizing numerous data sources, compared to other reverse lookup providers who may only use 1, giving us a competitive edge, in regards to the amount and quality of phone owner data we can offer.

Q:   Is it legal for you to charge for phone number information?

A:   Yes... in 2010 a Federal Court rules the yellow and white pages do not hold a copyright. At the current time there is no legal way to ensure that any phone number is not included in the directory.

Q:   How long has reverse phone look-up technology been around?

A:   Printed directories have been distributed in the U.S. for decades to phone companies, law enforcement agencies, and public libraries. It wasn't until the 90's when businesses first started selling this information, and not until the early 2000's before these directories were brought online.